Building WordPress sites

Do you want to build a website on the WordPress backend from scratch, or you need to adjust the existing site? I can do it for you.

If you need some additional functionality or plugin adjustment we could talk about it.

Maintaining a WordPress website

Do you need to maintain your WordPress site or migrate to another location but you do not have much time to hassle with it?

All that with necessary updates and backup could be made easy.

Something else

Or you have something else on your mind that we could discuss whatever it is about

your WordPress site be free to ask me.


In the past couple of years, I focused on web development precisely on WordPress development. My background is in the IT sector but I always had touch with WordPress, for more than eight years, and last year it has become my primary thing. I live in a small place near Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. When I am not in WordPress I spend time with my wife and kids. DIY enthusiast always when it is possible. I like to play video games and go fishing too.


Contact me.

Be free to contact me, you can fill the form or use one of the offered platforms.